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Your can access our Databases on or off campus! 
When accessing these databases off-campus, you will be prompted for your ID# for user authentication. This is the number on the back of your Aquinas ID card, under the barcode. Make sure that you have gotten your ID card activated at the Aquinas College Library before attempting to use the databases off campus. If you have any questions, contact the Library staff at 615-297-7545, ex. 435.

Nova et Vetera  Nova et Vetera 

  The Thomist  

 Loeb Classical Library


Publication cover image  New Blackfriars



Use Google Scholar to find articles in our print journals (use advanced search) or for a deep text search of articles.  To enable links for content to which Aquinas Library subscribes, add Aquinas College Library as a library link under Settings in the top left dropdown menu.  Not all open access articles found through Google Scholar are credible, though.  Use the How to Evaluate Sources guide in the help tab, or simply use our library's catalog search which also searches over 300 carefully evaluated open access collections.

Note: clicking on "All # versions" sometimes reveals the Aquinas link to that article.

Caveat: Google Scholar is best for libraries with extensive database subscriptions for access to content.

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