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Aquinas Library offers over 160 databases from these vendors: OCLC, EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR, and more. Choose from among the vendors listed here, or find what you need by subject in Aquinas College Library's research guides. Aquinas Library also offers o

Off Campus Access

When asked for your ID# for user authentication, this is the number on the back of your Aquinas ID card, under the barcode. Make sure that you have gotten your ID card activated at the Aquinas College Library before attempting to use the databases off campus.  If you need a password or a password reset, please email a librarian who will send you a password set/reset email.

Still have questions? Contact the Library staff during opening hours at 615-297-7545, ex. 435.

Create an account and sign-in to borrow from over 1.7 million public domain books in PDF, ePub, DAISY, DjVu and ASCII text. Open Library offers a variety of books, so be critical in your selection. Books published by university presses or other peer-reviewed publishers are the best for research papers.

Create an account and sign-in to borrow from over 1.7 million books. 

Education & Literature

JSTOR eBooks
Find thousands of academic books in .pdf format in any discipline for free. Note: these eBooks may also be found through Aquinas's catalog search.

Checkout e-books & audiobks from the Nashville Pub. Lib. with your NPL card.

OpenEdition Books is a web platform for books in the humanities and social sciences. More than half of them are available in Open Access. Note: this platform may be searched simultaneously in the Aquinas/WorldCat interface by choosing the Language and Literature Databases in Advanced Search.
Find texts on Science and other subjects, such as "Real-Life Math".


librivox-logo  audio books
eTextbooks  eTextbooks

Download to Your Device: EBSCOhost iPhone and Android App

For more details click here: Downloading an eBook on a Mobile Device

  1. Search and download the “EBSCO Mobile” app in the iTunes App store or the Google Play store (your device must be running Apple Devices: iOS 11+ or Android Devices: Android 9+)
  2. Open the EBSCO Mobile app and tap Get Started

Logging in the EBSCO Mobile app

  1. Tap the “Search by name, postal code, or city” button OR choose the “Use my location” option to search for nearby libraries
  2. Tap the search box to enter the name, postal code or city to find your library, or tap Use my location to find a library near your physical location
  3. Select your institution from the list and click Connect Your Institution
  4. Log in using your student ID and password.

Downloading EBSCO eBooks

  1. Tap the magnifying glass in the menu at the bottom of the screen and then enter your search terms in the Search Box.
  2. Tap Search on your device’s keyboard to run the search.
  3. Tap an eBook result to see the details or download the title to the app. You can also tap the Like button to add it to your Liked Items.

Selecting a copy and checkout length

  1. Use the plus/minus buttons to select a checkout length and tap the Download e-book button. If the title is available, the eBook will download and open in the app.
  2. Tap the Download e-book button to begin the download process.*
  3. If you have reached the simultaneous eBooks checkout limit set by your institution, you will be alerted by a message in the app instead of seeing the Download button.
  4. If the title you have selected is not made available for download by your institution, you will be alerted by a message that recommends Liking the title in the app and reading it while online in your device’s browser.

Reading a downloaded EBSCO eBook in the app

  1. Use the arrows or the slider to navigate the eBook pages or swipe the screen left or right with your finger.
  2. Tap the Table of Contents icon to go directly to a chapter or section of the eBook.
  3. Tap the Display Options icon to adjust how the eBook is displayed in the viewer.
  4. Tap the Bookmark icon to save that page to your saved bookmarks for that eBook title.
  5. Tap the Search icon to search for all instances of a keyword in the text of an eBook.
  6. Then tap a result to go directly to that part of the eBook.
  7. Tap the Book Info icon to view the eBook pages you’ve bookmarked, access the Table of Contents, search within the text of the eBook, or go to a specific page.


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