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The Aquinas College Library proudly holds the Monsignor George J. Flanigen Papers.  Monsignor Flanigen (b.1900-d.1974) began this collection while Chief Editor of the Tennessee Register in the summer of 1936 through January 1967.  He thereby preserved supporting materials for articles published in the Register during that time period.  After his time with the Register, he continued to collect historical documentation until his death and bequeathed this collection to Aquinas College.  Besides preserving the cultural heritage of Catholics in the state of Tennessee, the Monsignor Flanigen Papers supports the mission of education at Aquinas College as a source of primary historical documents for analysis and research.

The collection includes documentation and artifacts of the following (N.B. this list is not exhaustive):

  • Biographies and photographs of bishops and priests who have served in Tennessee

  • the building of the Cathedral of the Incarnation

  • the yellow fever epidemics in Memphis and Chattanooga

  • Catholic parishes in Tennessee (First Communion photographs, Church bulletins for special occasions, and other parish publications)

  • Catholic youth groups, men's groups and women's groups

  • Catholic organizations: Knights of Columbus, CYO, Camp Marymount (previously called Happy Hallow)

Besides these, there are also primary texts of Monsignor Flanigen:

  • sermons, speeches, eulogies

  • accounts and artifacts from his time as a military chaplain in the south seas during World War II.


Note: this collection is not currently open to the public.  If you are conducting research of a professional nature, please contact an Aquinas librarian to make an appointment.


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