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Aquinas Library Visitor Policy

Visitors are welcome during the following hours:  Mon., Wed., & Fri. 8am-noon.

Visitors are welcome to use the library by appointment during the Spring 2024 semester.  Please contact Sister Mary Esther at to make an appointment.

Aquinas Library is an academic library which serves the mission of Aquinas College.  As part of the Dominican Campus and the community of higher education, Aquinas Library is pleased to serve other Dominican Campus employees and other local colleges and universities. 

Since Aquinas Library is the only Catholic library in Middle Tennessee, it is also pleased to loan resources to local guest patrons, non-affiliated with the Dominican Campus or other institutions of higher learning.  Guests are asked to sign a guest book at the Circulation Desk and fill out a registration form for first-time use. Access to the library facilities is at the discretion of the Head Librarian.


Aquinas Library, as part of an institution of higher education, is not able to provide services to minors.  Children of current Aquinas College students, or those under their responsibility, may only come to the library accompanied by a responsible adult.  



Aquinas College Library interprets its dynamic role in the campus community as being the principle provider of academic materials and instructional support services that will further an environment of learning permeated by faith. Utilization of the library facilities, access to its information resources, and

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