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How to Request an InterLibrary Loan

Your search for books and request for loans from other libraries is coordinated: Make your InterLibrary Loan request through Aquinas College Library's catalog search.  The Aquinas Library is a member of the WorldCat library cooperative.  Our catalog not only searches our library's holdings but those of over 16,000 other libraries as well. 

See the 3-step process below...

Note: ILL's cannot be renewed on-line.  Please email Sister Mary Esther if you would like a renewal request to be made to the lending library.

1. Search for the book or article you need in the catalog search bar or by clicking  Advanced Search .

2. Click on the book/article you want; if Aquinas library does not have it... 

3. ...then click on the "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" button.

Note: make sure you click on the print book format of the book you want (you may have scroll down to view other editions); eBooks cannot be loaned from other libraries.

4. Fill in the required personal information and click the submit button at the bottom of the page. *The "Library ID#" is written under the barcode on your Aquinas ID card.

Check you request status

To see the status of your InterLibrary Loan request, simply sign into WorldCat Discovery with your ID, written on your Aquinas ID card, under the barcode (Note: you may need to click on Advanced Search to get into WorldCat Discovery).  Click on "My Account" and choose "Requests" from the dropdown menu under your name. The book or article that you requested will show up under the Requests tab of your account.  Note: these items cannot be renewed through this system because they belong to another library.  If you would like the item longer, please email Sister Mary Esther about requesting a renewal from the lending library.

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