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PSY 400 Tests and Measurements: Assignment Specifics

Annotated Bibliography Source requirements

6 Sources Minimum

4 Research Articles (How do I know if it's a research article?)

1 Websites/Blogs (How do I know if the website is credible?)

1 Trade Journals (What is a trade journal?) **

** Instructors note: Education Week is not an acceptable journal for this assignment.

Additional specifications

Annotated Bibliography will consist in six sources minimum: Four research articles, one Trade Journal articles and one websites/Blogs.  The bibliography must include:

(1) a title page

(2) an introduction section at the beginning

(3) content for each of the resources (use in-text citations)

a. summarize;

b. evaluate

c. reflect

(4) a conclusion section at the end

(5) a reference page

 nformation regarding how to create an annotated bibliography can be found at

Contact info

 Instructor: Sister Elena Marie, O.P. 

 Librarian: Sister Mary Esther, O.P.

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