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PSY 423/523 Exceptional Learners: Assignment Specifics

Exceptional Learners


Course Description

Acknowledging that each student is unique, and in this sense, exceptional, this course focuses on the needs of a variety of children, including those with learning disabilities, physically and/or mentally limiting conditions, intellectual gifts and emotional or behavioral difficulties. The main emphasis is on empowering the student to enable each child to strive for and reach full personal potential. Techniques for planning and instruction, as well as methods, materials, and strategies for educational intervention are presented. Field experience of four hours included. Credit at the graduate level requires the student to the use field experience to evaluate, select, and create learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate, relevant to students, and are based on principles of effective instruction.

Assignment Specifications

Focused Research Activity

In this assessment you will develop a research question to explore more in-depth on one of the topics below.

Part 1:

Draft your Research paper. A template will be provided on Blackbaud.

Provide the following:

  • At least five scholarly texts (undergraduates) or eight scholarly texts (graduates) you will include
  • Research Question
  • Initial introduction; paragraphs for the body and concluding paragraph
  • Reference page

Part 2:

Using the scholarly texts identified in part one (you may use others as well if necessary) write a research paper synthesizing the information to answer the research question. Include a discussion of the main findings and themes in the literature as well as the main gaps in the literature (use at least four texts)


  • You are to use at least five scholarly texts (undergraduate) or eight scholarly texts (graduates) (may include one secondary text)
  • Topics to choose from include:
    • Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder



Focused Research Activity

Five sources (undergraduate) and Eight Sources (graduate) Minimum

3-4 (undergrad) or 5-6 (grad) Research Articles (How do I know if it's a research article?)

1-2 Books (How do I find a book?)

No Websites/Blogs (How do I know if the website is credible?)

No more than one Trade Journal (What is a trade journal?) **

** Instructors note: Education Week is not an acceptable journal for this assignment.

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 Instructor: Sister Elena Marie, O.P. 

 Librarian: Sister Mary Esther, O.P.

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