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PSY: Human Growth and Development: Assignment Specifics

Human Growth and Development


Course Description

This course is a detailed study of the physical, intellectual, moral, social, and emotional growth and development of the human person, covering the entire life-span. The course will explore developmental and educational issues as they relate to the human person as understood in the tradition of Christian anthropology, particularly as articulated by the teachings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. All stages of human life from conception to the aged are considered. Particular emphasis will be placed on how individuals learn in the context of their environment. In addition to studying the entire life-span, each teacher candidate will engage in a focused study of one phase of development. Field experiences of six hours are required. Teacher candidates at the graduate level will use field experiences to incorporate educational issues and decisions in the context of the broader and diverse human community to support learning.

Assignment Specifications

Focused Learning Activities:

Learners will choose two topics for two different domains of development (e.g. physical, cognitive, or social). The two learning topics should focus on a particular phase of life (early childhood, middle childhood, or adolescence). For each phase, the learner will choose a domain of development (physical, cognitive, or social) and then a specific topic within that domain (e.g. early childhood: physical: gross motor skill development or early childhood: social: friendship development). The purpose of this activity is to dig deeper into one specific topic. Topics can be chosen from the text or approved by the instructor.


Group Domain Flow Map:

Three groups will be assembled. Each group will focus on one of the domains of development: Physical, Cognitive, and Social and choose a topic within this domain (ex. effects of sleep duration on attention). The group will create a visual Flow Map for a particular topic (ex. effects of sleep duration on attention) illustrating the development of the topic and the concepts involved during each phase of life and present it during the last class session.


Graduate Research Paper Review:

A template will be provided. The teacher candidate will complete a brief literature review on a topic in the area of human growth and development. The topic must be approved by the instructor prior to beginning the literature review. It should include educational implications; theory and church teachings. This review should be between 10 and 15 pages and be written in APA format.



Focused Learning Activities

3-5 references in total:

Group Domain Flow Map

at least 5 references

  • at least 3-4 scholarly research articles (How do I know if it's a research article?)
  • no more than one secondary textbook  (How do I find a book?)                                                                                                                

Graduate Research Paper

At least 8-10 sources

** Instructors note: Education Week is not an acceptable journal for this assignment.

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