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PSY 315 Educational Psychology: Assignment Specifics

Assignment Specifications

Research Paper parts a and b: Conduct a Research Paper on “Brain Based learning and teaching methods” or other related topic approved by the instructor in 4 to 5 pages.

Part A

Part A of the assessment will include a table of the findings of the articles to be included in the research paper. There should be 5-10 scholarly articles that are from recognized, refereed journals appropriate to the topic. This table should include details about the aims, methods, results and discussion for each article.

Part B

Part b of the assessment will include the review which should synthesize what is known about the topic by identifying the relationships that exist in the literature. It is also important to define, evaluate and clarify what is inconsistent or contradictory in the literature.  How do these approaches compare to a Catholic Christian understanding of the human person? It is important that you make connections to Christian anthropology and learning theory information gained from the class discussions and InTASC standard #9.


Annotated Bibliography Source requirements

5-10 Scholarly Articles:

5-10 Research Articles (How do I know if it's a research article?)

No Trade Journals (What is a trade journal?) **

** Instructors note: Education Week is not an acceptable journal for this assignment.

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