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EDU 620: Data-Driven Decisions: Assignment Specifics

Data-Driven Decisions

Course Description

This course details the processes of using data to make informed decisions regarding student learning, instructional programs, resources, and policies.  Instruction will include aspects of information literacy such as methods for collecting meaningful data, analyses of data, communication of findings, and decision-making based on findings.  Particular emphasis will be given to using teacher and student work samples to make instructional decisions based on analyses of student learning gains and related data.

Assignment Specifications

Research Paper

Annotated Bibliography – Part 1

The Annotated Bibliography will consist in 10 Sources Minimum, 5-6 Research Articles, 1-2 Books, 1 Websites/Blogs, 1 Trade Journal, and 1 additional sources of your choice that fall under one of the above categories. The assignment must include:

1.) an introduction

2.) a summary/evaluation of each of the resources,

3.) a reflection

4.) Reference List

There is a sample annotated bibliography on the student portal. Information regarding how to create an annotated bibliography can be found at


Literature Review      –   Part 2

From the sources of Part 1 design a research question and synthesize your findings. You will write a 15-20-page Literature Review. You should include a synthesis of main themes in the literature as well as an evaluation of the sources and gaps in the literature. A reference page is necessary. APA format should be used. Please be sure to use the APA format correctly as points will be taken off for incorrect format.


Annotated Bibliography Source requirements

10 Sources Minimum

5-6 Research Articles (How do I know if it's a research article?)

1-2 Books (How do I find a book?)

1 Websites/Blogs (How do I know if the website is credible?)

1 Trade Journal (What is a trade journal?) **

1 additional source of your choice that fall under one of the above categories.

** Instructors note: Education Week is not an acceptable journal for this assignment.

Contact info

 Instructor: Sister Elena Marie, O.P. 

 Librarian: Sister Mary Esther, O.P.

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